Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My current works are abstracts cunningly disguised as landscapes. It is the Canadian way. - Ted Godwin

That title is for my friend Janet. I know she'll appreciate it. She loves to tease me about how I should let go, and not have my paintings be so "tight".

While I wait for my abstract art class to start, and while I ponder what I can do for my first exercise in abstract art from a book I am reading, I have found a handy little way to distract and amuse myself. I unpacked the technical pens along with the indian inks, and started to do some quick sketches.

Inspired at first by the Magnolia tree down the street from us, I started with this one.

From there I remembered being in Tahiti, and how the look and the smell of the flowers there was so intoxicating. So, I then did a little sketch of sunset plumerias.

After that I walked around the block and saw these intensely coloured red pointed tulips. They quickly became the subject of my 3rd sketch.

I enjoy the speed with which I can do these, and somehow just telling myself they are only little sketches allows me to feel free with them. I don't feel the need to tighten them up so much, and I think that is having a positive effect on the sketches and my work.

This week I plan to try my hand with the abstract techniques from my book, and I'll let you know if I find the book helpful, or not.

Oh, yeah, and as for my current abstracts being currently disguised as landscapes, here's one of those:


  1. LOL, I only tease you about how "tight" your art looks, cause I can't do that. Plus, I like to tease people.

    Your stuff is great, don't worry about a thing!

  2. LOL Janet, I know you are only having fun when you tease...trust me, I don't take it poorly at all.